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Edey Doors

With many years of experience in making quality made cold storage doors and walk in cooler doors, Edey Cold Storage Doors is your best choice. A host of satisfied customers can attest to the quality, durability, and lasting service of Edey Manufacturing Co. Inc.

All cold storage doors are expertly constructed of top quality materials and engineered in design to provide a positive seal against temperature.

Today, Edey doors are finding application throughout the world in cold-storage plants, food processing plants, ice-cream plants, dairies, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, food markets, aboard ships, and the Alaskan Pipeline. Wherever cold storage doors require ruggedness, longevity, effective performance, reliable delivery and continued service, Edey cold storage doors are specified.

Edeylite™ hinged cooler doors and freezer doors are manufactured for both Standard Freezer cooler door sizes to meet your cold storage door needs in finishes up to 7 feet by 20 feet.


Powered Cold Storage Doors

Sliding, electric or manually operated cold storage doors: if you are in need of a quality and a reliable sliding cooler door or freezer door, Edey Manufacturing has the answer. We custom make your cold storage door to fit your door opening, large or small, and to your application such as Coolers, Freezers, Test Chambers, Meat Rails, Conveyors, Sound Rooms, and many other specialty applications. Whether you choose to use a power sliding freezer door (EZSE, P-88, or our heavy duty variable speed electric) or a manually operated cooler door, the quality is built in before our name goes on..

Custom Cold Storage Doors

Need a Cold Storage Door with a custom fit? Edey Doors has your solution. Whether you are retrofitting a set of cooler doors or freezer doors on an existing cold storage unit or facility OR planning to build, we can customize freezer doors and cooler doors for a multitude of applications. Custom walk in cooler doors can also be made to your specifications depending on your cooler door needs..